Aerial Fertiliser Application

Our high-powered Manitou with customised bucket, truck and trailer enables us to travel where you need us to with qualified operators behind every move.

For quality aerial fertiliser application by industry experts, choose Central Highlands Aerial Services. Based in Emerald, CHAS assists farmers and landowners who need to get large areas of soil fertilised quickly in preparation to grow healthy and fruitful crops.

As one of regional Queensland’s most reliable aerial application companies, we know what it takes to get the job done right in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our highly experienced operators rely on the best aircraft and machinery available to expertly and accurately deliver customised aerial spreading solutions for farming and land reclamation purposes.

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Professional Aerial Spreading for Cultivation and Reclamation

CHAS utilises custom modified spreaders and the latest GPS technology to enable precise and uniform application of soil improvement products. With variable rate gatekeeper technology we can also spread ultra low volume to meet mouse baiting rate requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Aerial Fertiliser Spreading?

Fertilising by air is a fantastic method for getting professional fertilising jobs done fast and accurately. Some of the benefits include:

Cover Large Areas Quickly

The biggest benefit of aerial fertiliser application is the speed in which an aircraft can provide thorough fertiliser coverage to large expanses of land.

Access Any Area

Unlike ground application, an aircraft can reach even the most difficult areas with ease ensuring full and comprehensive coverage.

Consistent Spread

Aerial application allows us to unload the fertiliser in an even and consistent spread without any heavy or light patches as can occur with a ground vehicle.

No Product Wastage

As aerial application requires fertiliser to be dropped off in just one area instead of several, no product is wasted and the process of loading and unloading is significantly easier.

No Disease Transfer

You’ll be able to avoid any risk of weed or disease transfer between properties as our aircraft never touch the soil.

No Soil Compaction

An aircraft will help you to avoid any soil compaction caused by the wheel tracks of ground vehicles.

Why Are CHAS The Experts In Aerial Fertiliser Application?


 Our experienced operators have years of flying under their belt and are specialists in providing aerial agricultural services


We ensure every job is carried out quickly, professionally and accurately using reliable equipment and machinery


We’re spray-safe accredited and fully licensed to complete any aerial spraying service you require


We offer customised solutions that suit your individual property and farming needs

Queensland Aerial Application
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Professional Aerial Spraying To Save You Time And Money

Stop googling ‘aerial spraying near me’ and let CHAS take care of all of your aerial farming needs. For reliable aerial crop spraying from one of Queensland’s most trusted aerial application companies, get in touch with us today. You can also fill out an aerial application form and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible.