Plague Pest Control

Professional locust spraying is essential for a healthy crop that’s free from pests and related diseases. Based in Emerald, Central Highlands Aerial Services (CHAS) offers fast and cost-effective aerial locust spraying and mosquito control for Australian and foreign governments as well as farmers of large land properties.

Why Is Locust and Mosquito Control Aerial Spraying Important?

Mosquitos and locusts pose a threat to healthy crops as well as humans. Here’s just some of the ways that these pests can wreak havoc on your land:


Spread Disease

Mosquitoes are notoriously ridden with diseases that can easily be spread from human to human, such as Dengue Fever and Zika.


Crop Damage

Locusts feed on green vegetation and can eat 100-450mg of it per day. A swarm of locusts can decimate a healthy crop if left unmanaged.


Prevent Crop Growth

A crop infested with a plague of locusts struggles to thrive and grow normally. Locusts typically target newly sown pastures where they feed on green plants and cause them to die.

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Expert Aerial Mosquito & Locust  Control


CHAS delivers precise and powerful aerial locust and mosquito control using advanced techniques and reliable equipment. We use ULV atomizers by Micronair that are specifically designed to distribute spray droplets that are of the right size to effectively control mosquitos and locusts.

This technique ensures a narrow, controlled spectrum of droplet sizes for the most efficient and economical application of a wide range of chemicals at low spray volumes to maximise productivity and reduce costs..

Our team of highly skilled and experienced operators know how to get the best results. We’re able to adjust each atomiser accordingly to get the correct sized spray droplets and flow required for each situation.

Why Choose CHAS For Effective Locust And Mosquito Spraying?


We use the latest in innovative equipment and techniques to deliver reliable and effective results for our clients, both here and overseas


 We have very precise flow controllers to target affected areas quickly and with maximum coverage


 We can upload shape files directly to the airplane and fly them with our highly advanced Vektor Lightbar


Our licensed operators are extremely skilled and experienced in distributing pesticides for locust infestations and pesticide for mosquito colonies in crops of hectare size


We’re spray-safe accredited and adhere to all safety regulations


Support Australian and International Governments to effectively control locust and mosquito requirements.

Targeted Aerial Pest Relief For Large Crops

Eliminate crop pests fast with our professional and precise locust spraying for large areas of land across Queensland and overseas. Call us today for more information or fill out our aerial application form and tell us about your aerial farming needs.

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