Pastoral Woody Weed Control

Central Highlands Aerial Services works exclusively with Granular Products for woody weed control. GP is an Austalian owned and operated company, manufacturing their own products, within Australia.
GP’s Regain 200 is a high quality, Australian made tebuthiuron granule for the control of invasive woody weeds, such as brigalow, eucalypt suckers, tea tree regrowth and prickly acacia. It’s efficacy for reducing mature shrub cover is widely documented. GP Regain 200 can be applied at any time of the year, however applications made prior to seasonal rainfall give the most rapid response. Control may persist for up to 2 years, depending on local conditions. GP Regain 400 is double the active constituent loading than GP Regain 200, has a designed spherical granule for improved ballistics with aerial application, and is significantly smaller, allowing for faster uptake on less rainfall. This provides for faster control, earlier re-seeding and back to profitable pastures faster. GP Regain 400 specifically designed for aerial applications.

What to expect from Granular Products


GP rep visits farm and performs a paddock inspection noting soil type, topography and vegetation


GPS mapping of the area to be treated is created, changed to a shape file and cross referenced with the Vegetation Management Act 1999 and reef protection regulations.


A detailed prescription is written that is tailored to your paddock


Aerial application by CHAS


A copy of the completed application log is provided following application.

Aerial Woody Weed Control

What to expect from CHAS


CHAS employs the use of Turbine Conversion, Ltd’s Rotary Gate which is the most versatile low volume distribution system available today and Dyna Nav’s Vector Max GPS guidance system for precise control and application. Our results speak for themselves


Yearly pattern testing and load by load equipment calibration correct to 3 percent at all times, guarantees an even, professional application for the best results.


We use high capacity, reliable aircraft with custom modified spreaders for the most even, consistent coverage possible. Our mobile loading rig and experienced operators get the job done with alacrity.

Get The Local Experts In Pasture Management

As specialists in pastoral aerial maintenance in Central Queensland, we can assist in the aerial application of Regain from Granular Products.

To discuss woody weed species and how to improve your pastures, give Granular Products a call.

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