Aerial Tree Clearing

Central Highlands Aerial Services (CHAS) offer aerial tree clearing for Australian governments, international governments and farmers or landowners who need to clear their land of invasive tree species. Our highly experienced pilots work with farmers and landholders of large rural properties to quickly and effectively remove trees using a safe, sustainable aerial spreading method.

As one of the most reputable land clearing companies in Queensland, CHAS can help you eliminate unwanted trees and manage vegetation for a healthier, more productive property.

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Why Is Land Clearing Important?

When native or introduced tree and vegetation species grow out of control, they can have a devastating effect on your land. They can:

Spread across the land and prevent perennial grasses from growing

Impact and change many animals’ native habitats

Push out native plant and tree species that are beneficial to the environment

Change the structure of the ecosystem

Devalue your land and greatly minimise production

 Increase chances of erosion caused by wind and water

Potentially affect groundwater recharge

Clearing brush and small trees that are a threat to the ecosystem will help you maintain a balanced and healthy land.

What Does Our Aerial Bush Clearing Services Involve?

Our qualified team uses aerial application to spread a granular pellet called regain from our planes onto the affected area. These pellets are then washed into the soil when it rains, causing the trees to die while keeping the grass alive and healthy.

The invasive trees eventually decompose and your paddock will be clear again.

Aerial application for the clearing of trees is a much easier and less destructive method to use than dragging chains or using a blade to cut them down. Here’s just some of the major benefits of our tree clearing service:

Save Time And Energy

The biggest benefit of aerial application is the short amount of time in which we can get the job done. While ground application is very labour-intensive and could take weeks to complete, our planes can cover wide pastoral areas quickly and get it done in the same day.

Save Money

While ground application tends to be very expensive, aerial application can help you save money and produce much more effective results. The use of granules instead of liquids allows for precise and even coverage without the need for large quantities of water.


Reach Difficult Areas

Our planes can easily reach hard-to-access areas that are impossible to get to on foot. Whether your land is timbered or the terrain is steep and impenetrable – aerial application can remove trees in any area within Australia or international countries.

How Much Does Aerial Tree Clearing Cost?

Our land clearing cost depends on the size of your property, extent of the removal and if you are located within Australia or an international country, so get in touch with us today to discuss your specific needs.

Why Choose CHAS For Brush Clearing?


Licensed and qualified pilots


Extensive experience in aerial agricultural services


High-quality granular herbicide for maximum results


Precise application using advanced equipment


Reliable aircraft specifically designed for low rate, even application


Customised spread patterns to suit your land and requirements


Spray safe accredited


Ability to support Australian and International Governments requirements for tree clearing.

aerial land clearing
aerial tree clearing services

Professional Aerial Land Clearing Services

No need to search for ‘land clearing services near me’ anymore! For fast and accurate brush clearing and tree clearing in Queensland, Australia and internationally, call CHAS today or fill out our aerial application form and we’ll be in touch soon.